featured on GBC News is the first genuine Amazon-type marketplace where shoppers can search for an item and find the variety the want every time they Google something. The only difference is that they are searching within Gibraltar!

Many of us have bought online and shipped something over not knowing that it’s actually stocked in Gibraltar. Sometimes we need things sooner rather than later, some of us are concerned about our environmental impact by shipping over individual packages, others like to see what’s on offer locally. You search, finds.

See the virtual mirror, and the Artificial Intelligence search function.

APP Release Date

Our newly designed mobile APP has been compiled with the latest mobile programming language and is near completion. has a number of advantages over its competitors. These advantages are inherent in the programming language and a set of development tools that allows our software to solve problems and disadvantages that other technologies cannot cope with. Our developers are in the final debugging stage to ensure that can guarantee the customer & the vendor the best user experience possible.

A much needed necessity & service for our local community in the midst of this pandemic to over turn the detrimental effects covid has caused our economy. is an online local marketplace & advertising medium, similar to the many online marketplaces out there like Amazon, Etsy or Ebay. The advantages we have over these aforementioned ecommerce giants is that we can complement your local current brick & mortar store or business offline experience & at the same time expand your e-Commerce strategy & solutions resulting in more engagement & potential sales.

We can also simply help connect your current e-Store or website to & all of your products, collections, inventory, stock, variants or any changes you might want to make in regards to any readable data (title, price changes, import new products etc…) as well as analytics and WILL synchronise with each other simultaneously across all of your platforms/APP/e-store/ & even your POS system, minimizing manual labour as stocks & quantities will also sync providing you with the extra benefit of a fast & secure cross-platform service with precise and accurate analytics!

The latest programming language has been used to build the system and will be compatible with all of your devices and operating systems across all your platforms! It will include many bespoke advanced features, with you the customer in mind & Ease of access for the business owner to sell their products!

Official Launch date – 2020

Isn’t that great!

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Software Development Team


Gib. Shopping’s grand launch! Coming soon!

All your local shops & services in the palm of your hand!

Tired of masks, restrictions & enforced accessibility rules upon entering on every shop? Gib. shopping is here with the solution through these strenuous times.

Let’s beat Covid-19. – Only local Gibraltarian licensed business holders can register their Shops, Services & Stores.

Gib. shopping


Have a business? a store? a license to sell Gibraltar local goods or services? Or want to engage with my audience & get more sales? Register your business now!

Don’t wait CALL US now, free of hosting, listing & support fees. Not anyone can sell, online business license holders only will be able to register, and everything will be strictly policed. This is to save the local retail sector! & most of all have the whole of Gibraltar on the PALM of your hand, with hassle free checkout from multiple stores delivered all at once & on the same day if the item is in stock!

For more info give us a shout – Here you will retrieve all the relevant details & information regarding the whole payment flow, to design, and how everything works! Don’t wait, call us now, just you, your shop/store/business, your customers & your SALES, & most of all you will be fully in control of your e-store & you can easily synchronize your current physical or e-sore to ours with ease to reach further potential clients locally & around the world!

The Post Covid Business & Tourism Seminar Nov ’20

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New Mobile App in Progress