Gib. Shopping’s grand launch! Coming soon!

All your local shops & services in the palm of your hand!

Tired of masks, restrictions & enforced accessibility rules upon entering on every shop? Gib. shopping is here with the solution through these strenuous times.

Let’s beat Covid-19. – Only local Gibraltarian licensed business holders can register their Shops, Services & Stores.

Gib. shopping


Have a business? a store? a license to sell Gibraltar local goods or services? Or want to engage with my audience & get more sales? Register your business now!

Don’t wait CALL US now, free of hosting, listing & support fees. Not anyone can sell, online business license holders only will be able to register, and everything will be strictly policed. This is to save the local retail sector! & most of all have the whole of Gibraltar on the PALM of your hand, with hassle free checkout from multiple stores delivered all at once & on the same day if the item is in stock!

For more info give us a shout – Here you will retrieve all the relevant details & information regarding the whole payment flow, to design, and how everything works! Don’t wait, call us now, just you, your shop/store/business, your customers & your SALES, & most of all you will be fully in control of your e-store & you can easily synchronize your current physical or e-sore to ours with ease to reach further potential clients locally & around the world!

The Post Covid Business & Tourism Seminar Nov ’20

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